For us, looking to the future means anticipating it through informed, effective decisions. Because the goal of agriculture in the future must be to guarantee the sustainability of the entire production process while minimising environmental impact, and thus to provide safe foods for the end consumer, as is traditional.

Nothing is left to chance, tools included. We use agricultural machinery equipped with 4.0 technology for even more precise performance, in line with the company’s philosophy of synergistic, interconnected use of advanced systems for more efficient and sustainable production.


Explore, experiment, constantly seek new pathways that speak of quality and respect for the land we occupy. Collaboration with the University of Tuscia in Viterbo gives us the opportunity to produce more sustainable goods, thanks to research into biostimulants to reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Another opportunity to address global challenges while prioritising the interests of consumers and the planet. Ongoing research that always aims for excellence.


Reduced presence of
pathologies and pests

More accurate and less
discretionary programming

Sustainable because it involves
more efficient use of resources


Our mission is to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency through the use of industrial electric vehicles and the creation of a charging network for day-to-day operations and staff use. Our green spirit translates as the elimination of vehicles that run on fossil fuels, and their replacement with those fuelled solely by electricity.


The value of a company is derived from a series of factors, one of which is environmental sustainability. To support the future of agriculture while at the same time helping to protect the planet, since 2014 we have used green energy for our factory, produced by a photovoltaic plant which was further expanded in 2022, and which powers all our agricultural operations. In this way we reduce energy costs, as well as mitigating the environmental impact of our operations.


Water use without waste This is our motto as far as water is concerned.
To preserve water resources and reduce waste, we use an advanced water recycling plant for washing produce at our factory. A state-of-the-art system that allows us to capture, filter and reuse water used for washing our vegetable

Founded in 1980 and listed as a Producers' Organisation since 2003, Stern is a cooperative company specialising in the production and sale of fruit and vegetables. We work in close contact with producers to guarantee maximum freshness and quality using sustainable and environment-friendly growing methods.

Rooted in agriculture and with many years’ experience in the sector, Stern is a benchmark for customers both within Italy and worldwide. © Stern 2023 - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy

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