The STERN cooperative became a recognised Producers’ Organisation in 2003 by means of the Lazio Region resolution no. C1993 pursuant to Regulation (EC) 2115/21, which undertakes to respect the land through the implementation of sustainable farming methods. A constant focus on technological and digital renewal is essential for the product traceability system, which is meticulously implemented to guarantee end consumers all the relevant information in terms of the type, variety and provenance of vegetables.

Taking care of every detail means outstanding results. For this reason, our ongoing acquisition of certifications ensures we meet established criteria for quality, handling and the reliability of the Stern brand, which considers safety as one of the pillars to build a successful future.


A worldwide organisation with a single basic goal: to facilitate safe and sustainable agriculture on a global scale. It sets voluntary standards for product certification worldwide, and increasing numbers of producers, suppliers and buyers are harmonising their own certification standards to align with these.



The purpose of the additional section on Biodiversity is to identify and increase biodiversity in agriculture. The aim of this certification is to ensure that biodiversity is maintained during the production process and that the company’s efforts are focused on improving the quality of its environment.


GRASP is the acronym for “GLOBALG.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practices”: a supplementary section of the GLOBALG.A.P standard that focuses on the evaluation of social aspects affecting agriculture workers; it is used to assess the risk of bad social practices in the sector.


SPRING is a supplementary section aimed at companies, which allows producers, retailers and traders to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable water management. The section allows evaluation of the SPRING criteria along with assessment on the basis of the integrated safety standards in agriculture (IFA) and covers issues such as the legal compliance of water sources and extraction levels, parameters that allow constant improvement to be demonstrated in water management and the impact of production on the sustainable management of reservoirs.


IFS indicates uniform standards in production, services and products. The standard guarantees that companies holding this certification offer products or services in accordance with customers’ specifications while constantly seeking to improve their processes.


Founded in 1980 and listed as a Producers' Organisation since 2003, Stern is a cooperative company specialising in the production and sale of fruit and vegetables. We work in close contact with producers to guarantee maximum freshness and quality using sustainable and environment-friendly growing methods.

Rooted in agriculture and with many years’ experience in the sector, Stern is a benchmark for customers both within Italy and worldwide.

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